Friday, October 3, 2008


Well, well, well.............the economy will be saved. There's free pork for everybody. I'm more concerned about how this government isn't going to be completely owned by China. (side bar....should I learn to speak Mandarin?)
I was pleased to learn that the mental health parity bill was signed. I am hoping that anybody who takes any type of medication for a mental condition will no longer be turned away from being about to get health insurance. This is a big deal. IF you take ANY type of medication for a simple depression all the way to a profound mental illness, insurance companies could,would and will turn you down.
I was listening to CNN and some other networks about the economy bailout plan. It started out as 3 pages and ended up with 450 pages. The pork they mentioned was enough to make every decent person that I know of; no matter what party affiliation, just want to smack somebody up side the head and say, 'WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?" sigh...............I guess we will always have pork, but some of these things are absolutely worse than the "bridge to nowhere." Did Senator Bird teach a course behind closed doors on "How to Pork out?" or " Reviving the Roast Beef Piggy?" Giving money to the makers of children's' wooden arrows just makes me want to sling an arrow or two at the stooge who attached that one to the package.
Jim Sullivan: Who was the Senator who did the "fickle finger of fate" on Laugh In? I know you will know who it is and I think every week somebody in the blog land needs to revive the "FICKLE FINGER OF FATE" and we all know what finger that is, don't we?
Well, I'll taking these piggies to bed. Nite and may you count piggies instead of sheep!


Indigo said...

This is an absolute delight to have you on this side of the blogsphere with me! Your political points of view keep me smiling (I know nothing funny about our predictment at the moment). I'm just relieved someone else feels it's rehearsed. I don't see any passion or grit to get things done. (Huge Hugs) It truly is a treasure to have you here with me, it's priceless. (Hugs)Indigo

kbear's heart 2 said...

well, you're right on with this one as usual the govt adds more pork to a bill to get other bills they want passed although this is a bailout i'm sure there's more pig on those pages than what we really want to know knowing it only ticks me off that much more..anyways, thanks for your thoughts tonite...kbear

~~Kath~~ said...

Good think I like pork. My new journal is here

Have a great weekend

Jimmy's Journal said...

That was "easy for you to say." I would normally suggest that you "look that up in your Funk and Wagnalls," but you are such a sweetiepie that I had to check it out.

As O.J. Simpson said when the jury came back Friday, "Here come 'da judge."

I called a few friends {"One ringy dingy, two ringy dingy") and the results were "verrry interesting."

The "Flying Fickle Finger of Fate" was handed out by Rowan and Martin themselves. You might say "I didn't know that," but "that's the truth."


Judith HeartSong said...

oink... is there melamine in the pork too???????

Every time I think about the current state of this country I get queasy.

Virginia said...

I can't watch much news anymore - I hear this little voice saying "we're doomed, we're all doomed . . ."

Glad to see you over at blogspot! Now I can visit your blog "guilt free" (not adding any more clicks for AOL's advertising revenue).

Peace, Virginia

Janie said...

Hi Ann, You asked if the white german shepherd was mine. lol Yes she is 6 years old. Her name is Shawnee. We also have a 4 yr old black and tan male, Lakota. I just had to put my Cherokee (female) white german shepherd down. :-( She was 11 years old, 125 pounds and best dog I have ever had. Shawnee is my shadow. lol I see you are also from Kansas. lol Wishing you a great day. Janie

Jon said...

Anne, all of the new blogs look really fancy (yours included) and I haven't figured out how to do a damn thing with mine yet.

Hey, I like the picture of the pig.

(hopefully your favorite faux cowboy)

Morna said...

Dahling - I do think we have political leanings in common - I invite you to MY political rant! It is

Looking forward to seeing more posts on YOUR blog! :-)